Durex Condoms Orange Non Latex (Pack of 3)



  • About the product durex delay condoms pakistan
    • Polyisoprene latex free ultra thin lubricated condoms for natural skin-on-skin feeling
    • Each condom is 100% electronically tested for strength, flexibility and reliability
    • Easy on shape makes condoms easier to put on and more comfortable to wear
    • Premium Condom with a pleasant scent
    • Durex is the world’s #1 condom brand trusted over 80 yearS

    • Durex Basic (Orange) is a transparent, teat-ended, natural rubber latex condom.
      Anatomical shape provides exceptional comfort during the use. Best choice if you prefer simple and classic condoms.
      All Durex condoms are CE certified, electronically tested and 100% genuine.

    • durex delay condoms pakistan
    • Features Details
      Brand Durex
      Also know as Durex Classic, Durex Regular, Durex Natural
      Special features No-Frills
      Size Regular
      Shape Straight
      Texture Smooth
      Color Clear
      Flavor Unflavored
      Material Natural rubber latex
      Thickness 70 microns
      Width at base 52mm / 2.05″ inches
      Length 190±5mm / 7.5″ inches
    • Since men are not built the same, neither are condoms. Finding the right-sized condom will increase your comfort level while wearing it. This can lead to more pleasure and fewer condom excuses. When condoms fit properly, they are also most effective.
    • Even though latex condoms are super stretchy, if a condom is too small, you may still feel discomfort, and it has the possibility of breaking. The body of most condoms is roomy enough to accommodate men of almost any size. Condoms may feel too tight around the tip (where it is not as elastic), especially if you are well-endowed.
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